The Lighthouse and the life of a finalist

Sorry I haven’t posted in a very long time. I have been busy being editor for The Lighthouse, Oxford International Relations Society’s journal. It’s been a really fantastic experience. We renamed and redesigned the journal and had so much fun choosing a theme and getting all the pieces together.

Take a look at the finished thing here (although you can’t feel how great the paper we picked was):


I am now a finalist, and studying is hotting up, so I probably won’t be posting here much for the next few months. I’ll do a post at some point about my summer travels to Oman and Palestine, and my winter break in Vienna (all were amazing places, sorry for the lack of posts). I’m planning to pop to Jordan again briefly over Easter. Then this summer will be a little more quiet, as I will be graduating and training to become a social worker, although I’m sure a short trip or two will be planned.

Bluestocking Recommends…Best Films Directed by Women — blue-stocking

Sophie Dowle has compiled a (very loosely ranked) list of great films directed by great women. What are your favourites? Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi (and Vincent Paronnaud) [France/Iran/USA, 2007] A classic, and a must-watch for teenagers searching for their identity. This stunning animation makes you laugh and cry as you follow Marjane’s journey to adulthood via […]

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International Relations Journal

This term I’ve been sub-editing SIR, Oxford’s international relations journal. Take a look at the wonderful finished product here:

Next term I will be co-editing the journal, so watch this space for the next edition in late November/early December.

Is Oxford Stuck on Social Media?

This opinion article was written for and published as part of debate in Cherwell Student Newspaper. 

Oxford is undoubtedly stuck on social media. I’m stuck on social media, my friends are stuck on social media and my classmates are stuck on social media. I check Facebook tens of times a day (that’s on a good day), document my life on Instagram and pretend I’m witty on Snapchat. I fool myself that I’m working while I read statuses about a friend’s friend’s baby’s cough, or a badly written paragraph from a distant acquaintance on why we should stay in or leave the EU.

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